Maximalist Details

It is an ostentatious and striking style. They are thick designs with lots of detail, including side diamonds.

Or to achieve this style you can also combine several rings, such as one or several churumbelas together with a wide engagement ring; thus managing to be on trend with great flashes of glamour.

Diamond Cuts

What this trend seeks is an innovative design taking advantage of the different ways in which a diamond can be cut, leaving the classic brilliant or round cut. Standing out with unusual cuts such as the pear, the princess, the baguette or the heart that will give a unique twist to traditional and clean ring styles.

Combined Gold

Combined gold is a very popular choice, especially to give a twist to more classic looks, achieving an exceptional contrast to your style. In addition to being the perfect solution to combine the rest of your jewelry.

Color Pop

Revolutionize the traditional style of rings with colored gems, which will give it a vibrant touch. Being one of the most popular trends and with great meaning for this year.

Trinity Rings

One of the top trends is to use rings with 2 or 3 gems. Rings with 3 diamonds are shown with a larger gem in the center and two smaller ones on the sides. Representing the past, present and future of a couple. However, when carrying 2 gems they have to be the same size since they represent the two people who are going to join.