6 Tips for choosing your ring and making the perfect proposal.

We know that choosing an engagement ring is one of the most important decisions in life and you will want everything to be perfect from the style and sparkle, to the weight of the diamond and the size of the ring. We seek to simplify and help you in the process, giving you these tips from our experts:

1. Define your budget

There are some old pieces of advice such as that you should spend 3 months of salary, but try to forget about that, be aware of the budget you have before investing a fortune and remember that what matters is the feeling you share with your partner. At Klamore we offer a wide variety of options that adapt to all budgets and tastes.

2. Know the 4 C's of diamond

By learning about the 4 C's you will be able to find a perfect balance to get the most out of your budget, you will also be able to decide which feature you will give the highest priority to. We recommend you focus on the cut or cut as it will have a direct impact on the brilliance and sparkle of the diamond. Learn more...

3. Try to choose the brand that provides you with the greatest security:

Making a proposal is a big life decision and choosing the ideal engagement ring can be stressful, which is why at Klamore we offer you these benefits to give you greater confidence and security:

  • Certificate of authenticity that guarantees the quality of the diamonds and gold. Learn more...
  • Lifetime maintenance so that your ring always retains its shine. Learn more...
  • 30 day trial, review our return policy. Learn more...
  • Personalized advice to help you resolve any questions you may have. Learn more...

4. Choose your ring style

Consider your partner's tastes and style when choosing the design. Try to identify if you have more modern and different tastes or if you prefer classic. Consider the activities she does to ensure she feels comfortable using it.

Try to talk to the people who know her best so they can help you choose and thus be completely sure that it will be perfect for her.

Finally trust your instinct, choose without pressure and she will surely love it.

5. How to get the size right

Seek the help of a friend or family member to get one of their rings and use the guide to find out the size of the rings we offer.

If you are in doubt about the size, choose a larger size, remember that the first adjustment is included at no cost (up to two sizes down).

Guide to know the ring size...

6. Find the best way to deliver it

There are many ways to give the engagement ring, some very different and original. Think about your partner's personality and let your imagination fly.