Chapter I. General Provisions

Article 1. Object

This Code of Ethics regarding Electronic Commerce establishes the values ​​and principles that Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V must observe the activities related to electronic commerce carried out on its platform, in order to respect and promote consumer rights, promote a culture of responsible consumption, the promotion of human rights of consumers, digital advertising ethical and responsible, the protection of vulnerable groups and self-regulation. This Code of Ethics regarding Electronic Commerce establishes the minimum standards, but not limited to, both commercial activities carried out in digital electronic media, as well as compliance verification mechanisms.

Article 2. Scope of Application

The Code of Ethics regarding Electronic Commerce is voluntary and applicable to Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V in transactions carried out through the use of digital electronic means in the national territory. Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V undertakes to respect that the principles established in this Code are complied with in all its electronic commerce activities. This Code of Ethics regarding Electronic Commerce will not be applicable to incidents or technical failures that arise due to fortuitous events or force majeure. Likewise, this Code will not be applicable to financial service providers. Tel.55 5118 0050

Article 3. Definitions

For the purposes of this Code of Ethics in matters of Electronic Commerce, it will be understood as: I. Adolescents: Adolescents are people between twelve years of age and less than eighteen years of age; II. Code: The Code of Ethics regarding Electronic Commerce; III. Electronic Commerce: Any economic transaction that involves the offering, marketing or sale of goods, products or services using digital, optical or any other electronic means through a digital information system; IV. Consumer: The natural or legal person who acquires, makes or enjoys the goods, products or services as the final recipient. A Consumer is also understood as the natural or legal person who acquires, stores, uses or consumes goods or services with the aim of integrating them into production, transformation, marketing or provision of services to third parties, only for the cases referred to in the articles 99 and 117 of the Federal Consumer Protection Law; v. Personal Data: Any information concerning an identified or identifiable natural person. A person is considered identifiable when his or her identity can be determined directly or indirectly through any information; SAW. Girls, boys and adolescents: Girls and boys are those under twelve years of age, and adolescents are people between twelve and less than eighteen years of age. For the purposes of international treaties and the age of majority, children are those under eighteen years of age; VII. Supplier: Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V in this Code referred to as Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V VIII. Advertising: Any form of commercial communication carried out by a supplier, which includes any process of creation, planning, execution and dissemination or transmission of advertising messages in order to promote the sale or consumption of goods, products or services; IX. E-commerce platform: X. Virtual store: It is a space within a website, in which items are offered for sale. Tel.55 5118 0050 Chapter II. Electronic Commerce

Article 4. Constitutional, Conventional and Legal Regulations

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V acts in accordance with what is applicable and established in the Political Constitution of the United Mexican States and the international human rights treaties to which Mexico is a party, as well as with the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in addition to being guided by the Mexican Standard of Electronic Commerce (NMX-COE-001-SCFI-2018). They will have at all times the disposition to adhere to and compulsorily comply with the provisions of this Code in order to conduct themselves with respect and ethics to the rules that govern the development of their activities, particularly those that involve conflicts that are generated with consumers. .

Article 5. Availability and collaboration with the authorities

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V will be willing to collaborate when consumers are affected. They will be responsible for the services they offer, with the scope specified in their terms and conditions, which must be clear, precise and easily accessible.

Article 6. Identity, payment and shipping or delivery mechanisms

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V on its electronic commerce platforms makes at least the following available to consumers: a) Trade name, brand, denomination or company name, physical address in national territory, Federal Taxpayer Registry and telephone numbers, or other means of contact; b) Information about the procedure for acquiring the good, product or service, indicating the sections where you can find their characteristics and restrictions; c) Information to the consumer of their right to revoke their consent regarding the transaction carried out, without any responsibility or justification; d) Mechanisms for the return, replacement or exchange of goods, products or services; Tel.55 5118 0050 e) When they offer guarantees, they must inform about their term, which cannot be less than that provided for in the Law or the applicable legal provisions, as well as the applicable restrictions; f) Solution mechanisms for complaints or clarifications, including days and hours of service; g) Make known the age restrictions to use the virtual store or electronic commerce platform; h) The treatment that will be given to your personal data; i) Terms and conditions to which the transactions will be subject; j) Easy-to-use payment and billing methods, implementing security measures proportional to the risks related to payments, including those arising from unauthorized access or use of personal data, deceptive commercial practices and identity theft; k) Total costs in national currency, including VAT, cross-border taxes, shipping cost; l) Proof of the commercial transaction, which must be provided to the consumer by the same means in which the transaction was carried out; m) The means to obtain the tax receipt or the commercial transaction receipt and, where applicable, the procedure to request their correction, when appropriate and, n) The delivery method including costs, deadlines and options shipping.

Article 7. Terms and conditions

The terms and conditions will be in Spanish and within our page in a visible and easily accessible place for the Consumer. The terms and conditions will be applicable to all purchases and services contracted on the electronic portal Our electronic commerce platform may provide access to hyperlinks whose purpose is to facilitate access, filing and printing of information in order to improve the experience and provide certainty to the consumer when using the site. The application of the terms and conditions will be subject to the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law. Consequently, the Consumer will enjoy all the rights recognized in the Law, in addition to those granted in these terms and conditions. All rights, duties, benefits and guarantees contained in Ley Tel.55 5118 0050 Federal Consumer Protection must be recognized and strictly applied by Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V The terms and conditions will contain at least the following information: I. General or particular contracting conditions applicable in each case; II. Validity period of offers and promotions and, III. Payment or delivery restrictions, conditions necessary for use or delivery and penalties for cancellation Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V will provide the consumer with adequate and clear information about the different goods, products or services, and may use images, audio and video, or any other tool it considers appropriate. Chapter III. Digital Advertising

Article 8. Principle of legality

The digital advertising managed by Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V is true, verifiable, clear and free of texts, dialogues, sounds, images, brands, designations of origin and other descriptions that induce or may lead to error or confusion due to deceptive or abusive. Likewise, it adheres to the applicable regulations and, in a special way, respects the rights, obligations and principles recognized by the Federal Consumer Protection Law.

Article 9. Responsible digital advertising

The advertising that is developed as an electronic commerce strategy of Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V must: a) Be adequately identifiable as such; b) Contain the identity of the advertiser and contact information, and c) The virtual store or electronic commerce platform must have a mechanism that allows the consumer to choose if they wish to stop receiving direct commercial advertising. Tel.55 5118 0050 Chapter IV. Data protection

Article 10. General principles

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V adhere to the provisions of Article 16 of the Constitution, which recognizes the right that every person has to the protection of their personal data, access, rectification and cancellation thereof, as well as to express their opposition in the terms established. the applicable regulations. In this sense, Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V have a Privacy Notice, as an accessible, secure, easy-to-understand mechanism, with simple and clear language that allows the Consumer to access all the information inherent to the treatment and protection that will be given to their personal data. Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V include on their platform, and throughout the purchase process, warning legends so that girls, boys and adolescents refrain from providing their personal data, without the authorization of their parents or guardians, so that the purchase is made directly by these last. Likewise, Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V are obliged to verify the following: a) You must identify content directed only at adults; b) You must not directly incite girls, boys and adolescents to purchase a good, product or service, taking advantage of their inexperience or gullibility, nor to persuade their parents or guardians, or the parents or guardians of third parties, to that they buy the products or services in question; c) You must not, without justified reason, expose girls, boys and adolescents in dangerous situations; d) They will not publish on their websites illegal content, statements or visual presentations or that could cause mental, moral or physical harm to girls, boys and adolescents; Tel.55 5118 0050 Chapter V. Human Rights

Article 11. Vulnerable groups

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V acquires a commitment to respect and protect the rights of older adults, girls, boys and adolescents, people with disabilities and indigenous people, as well as other people subject to discrimination, quickly resolving their conflicts or doubts and ensuring that advertising that addresses them or that they may have access to promotes respect for dignity, equity, security and inclusion. Chapter VI. Conflict Resolution

Article 12. Self-regulation and own means to resolve conflicts

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V has its own mechanisms to resolve conflicts with consumers when there is a breach of the obligations established in the Federal Consumer Protection Law, in the Mexican Electronic Commerce Standard (NMX-COE-001-SCFI-2018) in this Code. Self-regulation is recognized as a reliable, impartial, efficient and safe mechanism for resolving conflicts related to commercial activities or practices carried out through digital electronic media.

Article 13. Alternative Means of Conflict Resolution

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V will seek to resolve disputes with consumers through alternative means of conflict resolution. Mediation, conciliation and arbitration will be essential to reach quick agreements, a mechanism that is described in point 7. Regulations and policies applicable in the event of a dispute with the Grupo Bogue Internacional S Adhesion Contract.A of C.V Online Store or through the procedures established by the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office.

Article 14. Link with the Federal Consumer Prosecutor's Office

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V will comply with the provisions of the Federal Consumer Protection Law and will act diligently in conciliation procedures to reach agreements with the purpose of benefiting consumers. Tel.55 5118 0050

Article 15. Surveillance and Code Compliance

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V has its own mechanisms to monitor compliance with this code of ethics, as well as monitoring procedures for non-compliance through the following means: I. Complaints and attention protocols through the Customer Service department at the following number and contact email: Telephone: 55 29 18 82 95

Article 16. Commitment to compliance with the Code

Grupo Bogue Internacional S.A of C.V expresses its adherence to this Code and therefore undertakes to respect and comply with it in matters of electronic commerce, advertising, data protection and human rights. If you do not comply with this Code, your membership will be requested to be cancelled.