The key is an amulet that opens paths, provides protection and security to the person who wears it. It is a lucky jewel that will open the doors to love for you. Therefore, if they give you a golden key, they will be declaring their love for you. Furthermore, carrying a key means the connection with your deepest “I”.


Hummingbirds are considered spiritual messengers and bringers of hope. The Aztecs, for example, viewed the hummingbird as a symbol of resurrection, believing that the souls of fallen warriors turned into hummingbirds.


It is a symbol of great importance for Indian culture, and this lucky charm helps you prolong your life time and wards off all bad vibes and envy of your surroundings. It will make you feel more protected and stronger when it comes to overcoming any problem, since it collects all the positive energies.


The 4-leaf clover is a highly coveted amulet in the Western world, each leaf has a meaning associated with happiness: hope, love, faith and luck. So it protects the wearer, bringing love and attracting wealth and prosperity.

Jamsa or Hand of Fátima

It is a symbol of luck that serves to protect you from the evil eye, envy and negative energies. In addition, it brings happiness, loyalty and love.


It is one of the oldest protection symbols in the world, it helps protect the wearer from bad luck and negativity. They are also a perfect gift for weddings, since, according to some beliefs, this lucky charm bears a resemblance to the crescent moon, a symbol of fertility.

Gold Bar

It is one of the most popular symbols of wealth in feng shui. They have been used for centuries to attract prosperity and abundance into people's lives.

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