- Lotions, soaps and creams alter the properties of gemstones and can lose reflectivity, try to put on perfume or lotion and cosmetics before putting on your jewelry pieces.

- Household cleaning products can cause damage to your jewelry, avoid contact with solvents or abrasives.

-Do not wear your jewelry when entering a pool or jacuzzi, as chlorine can damage them.

- Avoid wearing your jewelry when exercising.

- Use only a soft brush and water to remove dirt.


- Store your jewelry in a fabric-lined box and wrap them separately to prevent them from rubbing against each other.

- We recommend that, whenever you take off your jewelry, rub it with a soft cloth to remove grease and perspiration.

- Rings or wedding bands with dirt excessive should receive periodic professional cleaning with pressurized steam and professional cleaning agents. At Klamore we grant you this courtesy service on all engagement rings, rings and churumbelas. Learn more...

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