precious gems

At Klamore we offer you pieces of jewelry with natural gems, which do not have any chemical treatment, so you can observe small inclusions within them, which makes them unique.


It is characterized by its royal blue color, elegant for any type of ring, earrings or choker. The blue color that characterizes it comes from the element of titanium to which it has been exposed for thousands of years underground. The sapphire, the second most valued gemstone after the diamond, is considered the gem of wisdom, confidence and economic prosperity.


It combines its extraordinary hardness with its vibrant and deep red color that is due to the iron and chromium that make it up. Rubies also have great astrological significance and represent love, courage, power and passion.


This precious gem has an amazing dark green color. One of its main characteristics are the inclusions inside which makes each of these stones unique. Its wonderful color comes from the elements chromium and vanadium.

The emerald is a stone that encourages patience, love and friendship; It is a symbol of rebirth, youth and good fortune.


Pearls are considered good luck and symbolize purity because the beginning of their life is a simple grain of sand that transforms into a precious gem and does not require polishing or faceting to reveal its natural beauty .